Virtual Schooling

by Claire Minnaar

With the Covid pandemic, the words “Virtual School” has been spoken many a week amongst families, friends and on social media. When you look at the various social media groups and pages, I have seen countless parents asking for recommendations or guidance on Virtual Schools available in South Africa. And, I am one of those parents too!

Having had my kids at home for the lockdown and having to do a form of home schooling (school provided content, I had to teach, mark, monitor, etc), I started looking more into home schooling, tutoring options and virtual schools.

If I didn’t work, I would without a doubt consider home schooling, but I work full time at an office plus I have to work long hours most weeks which leaves little to no time to sit and teach my kids. Both my boys also have some learning challenges so they need assistance and guidance which is difficult for me to provide when I’m not available in the day.

So, I went on a path of researching home schooling, tutoring and virtual schools. I will be sharing more on the home schooling front in the coming weeks, but for now, I have compiled a list of virtual schools for those interested in identifying what virtual schools are available and how each one differs. The list of virtual schools includes the school’s costing, what subjects they offer, whether they offer tutoring or not, and a bunch of other information which I felt would be useful and found other parents were asking.

Feel free to comment below with any comments or questions you may have. If you don’t see a Virtual School listed that you feel deserves to be mentioned, please contact the MomTalk team so we can get more info from the specific virtual school.



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