Sweet Sushi { For Little Mouths }

by Claire Minnaar


Your little ones have seen you eat it and let’s be honest – it looks like fun! While they keep insisting on trying a piece of sushi every time you indulge, the reaction is always the same – yuck! So instead of wasting deliciously precious sushi, why not make some kiddie-friendly sushi so mom and little one can munch together in bliss:

  • Use white bread, spread it with their favourite cheese or meaty spread and roll it up.
  • Slice up cucumber, avocado and carrot, and roll it in tortilla with mayo and ham.
  • Whip up a tuna-mayo or chicken-mayo mixture and wrap it up in a cucumber sliver.
  • Make a fruity sushi with fruits of your choice and using store-bought fruit rolls as to wrap it all up.
  • For a sweet candy treat, make rice crispy sushi – liquorice rods and other gummy sweets wrapped in marshmallow-and-rice-crispy mix.
  • Cake sushi is just as easy to make – simply slice sponge cake into thin layers and roll it up with frosting or caramel.
  • Roll a banana in peanut butter and rice crispies or sprinkles, and slice it into thick wheels.
  • Spread chocolate spread or peanut butter on a tortilla and fill it with candy or a banana before rolling up and slicing into wheels.

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