Paperclip Projects

by Claire Minnaar


Paperclips are one of those things where you maybe use one or two a week, yet they’re sold in packs large enough to supply you for a century. Put those spares to good use with any of these nifty paperclip projects:

  • Twist and turn the paperclip to form a unique wire shape to be used in fun jewellery making projects like earrings and necklaces. You can even thread beads straight onto the wire!
  • Turn a bunch of paperclips into a magnetic version of “pick up sticks” where the aim is to pick up only your colour paperclips with a magnet without moving any of the other clips.
  • Using string or fishing line, hang paperclips from a dowel stick and clip your photos onto the clips for a nifty display.
  • Decorate oversized paperclips with bows, buttons and other embellishments and use it as bookmark.
  • Have your kiddos make strands of paperclips and use these as room dividers or even Christmas décor.
  • Use a plastic coated paperclip to hook your bra straps together at the back when wearing strappy tops.
  • Thread mini beads onto the open end of the paperclip and close it. Then thread a piece of elastic through either end of the paper clips to make a bracelet.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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