Shutter Bug { DIY Décor }

by Claire Minnaar


If you’ve finally convinced hubby to take those aged and ghastly peeling shutters off the face of the house, prepare yourself to start nagging again – this time to bring them back down from the attic. Shutters are another one of this season’s recyclable musts and a fun DIY project that instantly brightens up the home.

The downside however, is that shutters are so incredibly versatile that you’ll suddenly feel like you don’t have enough of them – you’re probably kicking yourself for the ones that already slipped through your fingers and off to the junk yard. So be sure to keep your eyes open if ever you pop by the second-hand store or drive past the scrap yard – shutters are here to stay!

  • Use it as a magazine rack and simply slot your page turners into the slots.
  • Clip your photos onto the shutter using bright and pretty clothes pegs or bulldog clips, or place the shutter on its side and slide the pics in halfway.
  • Ask hubby to bend little hooks out of wire and hook your necklaces onto the shutters.
  • Alternatively, hang your chandelier earrings from the little slats.
  • Line the shutters up on the wall to create your very own focus wall. From there you can then incorporate any of the other ideas on this list.
  • Use a collection of shutters to create your very own custom recycled head board.
  • Place a shutter down the length of your dining room table as heat-resistant pot stand.
  • Using hinges, attach three or four shutters to one another in a zigzag fashion – your very own room divider!
  • Use four shutters to form the outside panels of your very own little DIY side table.
  • Hang them on the outside walls (again) and use clips to attach potted plants to your shutter.
  • If you’re the artsy type, turn an ordinary shutter into a canvas, i.e. work of art.

More Shutter Decor ideas, original photos and their credits can be found on our Shutter Decor Pinterest Board!

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