Beat the Heat { Frozen Snacks }

by Claire Minnaar


No one’s debating the delightfulness of an ice cream cone, but it’s time to open your mind to new ways of enjoying frozen snacks. With summer in full swing, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting and research on different cold treats, and here are a couple of my (and the kids’) favourites:

  • Frozen grapes are delightful! Not only do they taste great, but they’re healthy too – and the fact that you eat them much slower, means you consumer less of this sugary fruit in one sitting.
  • DIY frozen yogurt. Yes, you can buy it at the shop, but freezing your own yogurt gives you the opportunity to add your own extras – like blueberries, chocolate chips and raisins.
  • Cut bananas in half, and mount them on popsicle sticks! Dip them in yogurt and toppings like chopped nuts and chocolate chips, and freeze – yum!
  • Alternatively, chop the banana into bite-sized bites, coat with peanut butter and freeze in mini cupcake cups.
  • Thread fresh cherries or blueberries onto a skewer stick, dip in plain yogurt and freeze.
  • Use coconut water and fresh berries to make interesting popsicles.
  • When you’re expecting mommy friends, freeze sangria into popsicle moulds for a naughty treat!

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