A Mom’s Top Places to Escape

by Claire Minnaar


I work from home and there’s almost NEVER silence even when the kids are at school. Noises could be the doorbell, the dogs barking, the cleaning lady vrooming away with the vacuum cleaner, the phones, the radio / TV, the next door neighbour and, these days with Eskom’s regular electricity cuts, there are generators too! The only time my home is quiet is when everyone is asleep and I’m mostly asleep too!

Sometimes, I just need peace and quiet….quiet to think and not be summoned or called on by someone. Quiet where I can just close my eyes and not hear anything or at least not hear sounds I’m all so familiar with. Sometimes, I just need a change of environment where I can relax and switch off from everything I need to deal with like groceries, staff, emails, deadlines, etc. It is this that has lead me to share my Top Places for, what I call, “The Escape” because we, most certainly, all need it at some point in our lives.

My Top 8 Recommended Places To Escape

  1. Your car: You will not believe HOW much sorting and planning you can do in the car without being interrupted. You can, obviously, put the radio on if you want some background noise, but the car is the perfect escape for someone looking to prepare for the day without any interruptions. The best of all, you don’t have to leave your house for this one!
  2. The shower / bath: This is my daily sanctuary. It’s the one place and time of day I get left alone by hubby, children, pets, phones, noise, etc. As long as I have hot water, I step out of the shower like a new person and ready to take on the world!
  3. Local park: Parks are awesome plus parks have benches! They are the perfect place to watch and be an outsider to people walking their dogs and playing with their kids. And, generally, parks are spacious giving you the room to “breathe” and have the “space” to relax and unwind a bit. And, again, if you have to have your kids with you, you can keep an eye and still relax in the fresh air while they entertain themselves.
  4. Beaches: Beaches, like parks, often have benches, but they also sometimes have paths to walk on and, if it’s called a beach, it definitely has SAND. Sea air is fantastic for the soul. I have had the opportunity of living in Hermanus for the last 3 years and beach walks with the family after a long day is the perfect remedy to relaxing and getting out and clearing your mind. My kids sleep so well on the nights we take them for walks on the beach (so do our dogs!). Not only is the fresh air good for you, getting your feet into the sea and nicely exfoliated by the sand leaves you feeling refreshed (the cold water certainly wakes me up!) and it’s like a free exfoliation you would typically get at the spa.
  5. Coffee shop: A coffee shop can be the perfect escape if you’re looking to just get out of your environment. Some coffee shops have these little nooks and crannies you can hide in which is perfect for when you do need some more peace and quiet and don’t want to run the risk of more interruptions with people who recognise you.
  6. The local library: We all know how quiet libraries are. If you’re looking for a quiet place to sit and write out your plans, strategies, thoughts, or to just escape from the outside world and your everyday surroundings, this is a good option. And, if you have kids with you, books can easily distract them for a bit of time, so you can chill a bit.
  7. A nearby bookstore: I love books and going into a book store can be soothing for any book lover. Many book shops have seats you can sit and look at books you’re interested in.
  8. The gym: This, obviously, only applies to you if you’re a member at a particular gym. Most gyms have a sauna to go for some nice piece and quiet.

We all need time out and being a Mom, whether you’re a working Mom or stay at home Mom – it’s going to happen and it’s normal. Ask people you trust for time out or ask for help when you need it and just go without thinking about the “but” because there will always be a “but” – there will always be things that need to be done, there will always be things you just need to be finished, but when you need it most, take the time – you will thank me for it!

Image Credit: women.smokefree.gov

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