Lucky Dog Product Review

by Claire Minnaar

lucky dog gift services

I recently had the opportunity of doing a video review for a new monthly box called Lucky Dog! I was very excited to find out more about this box and I can tell you, my dogs (Rufus and Jack) were super chuffed too!

Quick Facts about Lucky Dog Gift Services

  • 5% of their subscriptions are donated to a Lucky Cause that has been chosen by the Lucky Dog community. Also, for every Mutt Mix voucher that converts into a sale, a donation is made to this selected charity. More information about this is available on
  • Boxes vary from month to month, and they source less-known brands for the box to introduce them to our subscribers. They also include dog food samples, natural products and sometimes theme their boxes (for example their May box was a clicker training box)
  • The business is run by people who are passionate about dogs!
  • An online shop is also available where where subscribers can buy a stunning selection of products that have been given the Lucky Dog “paw of approval”
  • Subscriptions can be gifted to friends, family or shelter dogs.

Quick Summary

  • Loving the concept!
  • A LOT of goodies for a good price!
  • Your dogs tails will most certainly wag!
  • Perfect for those dog lovers out there!
  • Value for money!
  • Great way to support good causes and receive some benefits!
  • Easy way to find out about new products available for your canine buddies!


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