Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard Review

by Claire Minnaar

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I’m extremely hard on my keyboards as I type like a crazy woman when I’m in the so-called “zone”. Some of my keyboards have reached the end of their lives with most of the keys not even having any letters or numbers left of them.

I was sent a Logitech washable keyboard a few weeks ago to review. You would think that a keyboard is just a keyboard, right? Well, I’m afraid, I fall into the “fussy keyboarders”.

I used to be a piano player and certain aspects of being a pianist have led to me being a keyboard fuss-pot! I need to feel and hear keys under my fingers – a subconscious requirement if you will.

You get keyboards that are flat and make zero sound and make almost no movement underneath your fingers – those are NOT the keyboards for me. I NEED to hear the keys being pressed and actually feel as though I’m pressing something.

Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard Review

Thank goodness for me (and Logitech), this keyboard suited me perfectly! The keys are like little round buttons. It makes the perfect click sound (not too loud and not too soft) and the keyboard is really nicely designed. I really liked it!

Here are the features that appealed to me:

  • You can wash it! If you are germ conscious, have kids who play on your computer with dirty hands or you are someone who eats at your desk regularly, giving your keyboard a good wash is both a healthy and a good thing.
  • A brush was included so any of those crumbs, pieces of sand or sauces you accidentally spilt into your keyboard can be reached by this tough little brush. The brush has it’s only little slot that it clips into underneath the keyboard itself.
  • Laser-printed and UV coated keys so it’s sure to last and withstand all the washing the keyboard undergoes.
  • No software installation required! It plugs in with a 1.8m USB cable and it works! Easy peasy!

By the way, I did put this keyboard to the test by getting my 4 year old to make it dirty with some rusks and Marmite. If you don’t believe me, I’ve included photos for you below. I washed it afterwards and it worked perfectly and it is now squeaky clean again!

Getting Dirty

k310 washable keyboard test

Getting Washed


After Wash


I love practical things and this keyboard is practical, easy to use and now we can add hygienic to the list!

Where to Buy

You can buy this keyboard at Incredible Connection. The recommended retail price is R599. The keyboard comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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