Pin it! { Pretty Pincushions }

by Claire Minnaar


A pincushion is a handy commodity in any household where little feet run bare and loose pins can cause tears. Pincushions are easy to construct out of nothingness and also make for cute little DIY gifts! Here are some of the adorable ideas I’ve come across lately:

  • Turn a sock into a nifty pincushion! Fill it with stuffing and sew shut – as simple as that.
  • Single teacups-without-sets are perfect for pincushion gifts. Fill with stuffing and cover the mouth of the teacup with fabric.
  • Make pincushion “bunting” by attaching a number of triangular pincushions to a ribbon and hanging it above your craft table.
  • If you’re in a rush, make a simple square cushion by folding over a piece of fabric, sewing it up and stuffing it quickly.
  • Attach a pincushion to the lid of a recycled glass jar, and fill the jar itself with buttons and bits – such a cute gift!
  • Knit a green round mall and decorate it to resemble a cactus, then place it in a little terracotta pot for effect.
  • Make a cube-shaped pincushion and attach pockets to the sides where you can keep things like your scissors and measuring tape.
  • Turn a photo frame into a vertical pincushion by replacing the glass with a flat cushion.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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