Colouring Books for Mom { The Benefits }

by Claire Minnaar


Colouring books for adults have become widely available over the last couple of months, and many have branded it as “yet another fad”. However most psychiatrists and mental health experts around the world agree that the act of colouring in can be highly beneficial and therapeutic – and not just for kids!

  • It’s meditative and teaches your brain to focus on detail.
  • Colouring relaxes the fear centre of your brain and therefore relieves stress and anxiety.
  • The act of colouring is freeing – it allows you to be creative even if you don’t consider yourself the “creative type”.
  • It improves your fine motor skills and improves your vision at the same time.
  • Colouring is a great way to spend time with your child – and also other moms!
  • It’s social. With so many beautiful designs waiting to be coloured, it’s only a matter of time moms get together for a tea and colouring session.

Important to note is that colouring shouldn’t replace all other forms of creativity. Instead, it’s recommended that you use the act of colouring as a first step into unleashing the creative side that you might be afraid to show.

Grab an adult colouring book from your nearest stationery or bookshop, or download free printable colouring sheets at sells a few of these books – you can find them here: Adult Colouring Books on Takealot

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