Oscar Theme Party

by Claire Minnaar

oscars party theme

Finding time between playdates and grocery shopping to fix your hair, much less have an elaborate party doesn’t happen very often. So when the day does reveal itself, you have all the more reason to make it an extravagant affair – and darling, it doesn’t get more exclusive and sophisticated than a night at the Oscars! The colour scheme for the party will be predominantly black, gold and red with luxurious splashes of pearl and silver.

Here are a couple of ways in which to bring the theme to life in a practical fashion:

  • Bake Oscar-shaped cookies and buy plastic Barbie dolls and figurines at the local R5-store to spray with golden paint for your Oscar-themed décor.
  • Make your invitations in the shape of the typical black and white clapper board or send each guest their very own personalised Hollywood Star.
  • Incorporate Hollywood Walk of Fame stars into the décor of the evening, whether it be themed placemats or stars on the dance floor.
  • A photo booth is an absolute must, complete with over-the-top Hollywood dress-up gear, like feather boas, top hats and so forth.
  • Ask guests to dress up in their most extravagant evening wear and award Oscars for categories like best dressed, craziest outfit, sexiest look, and so forth.
  • Think opulent room dressings like black silk, heavy silverware, fairy lights, chandeliers, pearls and crystal-ware.
  • Serve Hollywood appropriate finger food and drinks that will make guests swoon – for instance, sushi rolls, elaborate cocktails, chocolate fountain, decadent truffles, caviar, cheese platters and so forth.
  • In lead-up to the big night, have a vote for Best Movie which can be screened after dinnertime. And don’t forget the popcorn! We’re thinking indulgent flavours like parmesan sprinkles, cinnamon, caramel coating, wasabi spice and so forth.

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