Back to the 80s { Party Theme }

by Claire Minnaar


Now and again we all have that urge to travel back in time to the heydays, the 1980s being a favourite era in most adults’ books. So why not take a night out of your busy schedule, drop the kids with Grandma and host a party that will make Danny Zuko proud.

  • Surprise and entertain your guests with a variety of 80s toys like the ever-popular slinky, Rubik’s cube and even roller skates for those who dare.
  • Draw inspiration from the popular 80s game Pacman – for the décor, birthday cake, stationery designs, you name it!
  • Have a look around the local candy store for a selection of old favourites like Wilson toffees, wads of pink chewing gum, giant lollipops, candy bracelets, Pez dispensers and tubes of condensed milk, to name but a few.
  • Decorate the venue with glow sticks and also hand out glow sticks for guests to wear around their necks and wrists.
  • Bring out the big ol’ boombox and popular 80s tracks, and let’s not forget the neon balloons and lumo paint.
  • Make the most of those old cassette tapes (because let’s be honest – your tape deck is probably long gone) by turning it into decorative “bunting”, using it as place cards or stacking it on the tables as part of the centerpieces.
  • Encourage guests to go big, bold and neon with their hair and outfit choices – think lumo gym outfits, brightly coloured leggings, plenty of leather, puffy jackets and off-the-shoulder tops.
  • Conclude the night with a relaxing screening of your favourite 80s movies like Grease, The Breakfast Club, Indiana jones, Ghost Busters, ET or Goonies.

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