1920s Party Theme { Great Gatsby }

by Claire Minnaar


Every once in a while you might have a night to yourself – the kids are at Granny’s and the work tray is empty. The ideal excuse to invite over the friends and travel back in time with a 1920s theme party!

Opulence is the word of the day – just watch the Great Gatsby to see exactly what’s meant by this. In terms of the colour scheme, black, white and cream are definite musts, combined with splashes of vintage colours and plenty of gold and sparkle. The 1920s was of course the rise of the art deco era, so play around with sharp lines and angles to add a little drama – here are more ideas to get your mind buzzing:

  • Plush feathers are an absolute must! Think extravagant ostrich feather table arrangements, feathered hair fascinators and brooches.
  • Ask guests to dress accordingly – i.e. girls in tasselled and sparkling slip dresses guys in their fancy suits and bowties.
  • Decorate the venue walls with large black and white glamour shots from back in the day, and play around with quotes out of the Great Gatsby novel.
  • To further get your guests into the right mood, play 1920s music and spoil the girls with long prop cigarette holders and the guys with cigars.
  • Incorporate plenty of sequins and pearls into the stationery and décor elements of the day – draped and scattered on the tables, around candles and glittering from inside glass vases.
  • Choose music to set the mood and bathe the venue in candlelight and the glow of fairy lights.
  • Visit the local thrift store and pick up random vintage goodies like old telephones, typewriters, gramophone players and the likes to further enhance the old world ambience of the venue.
  • Apply small touches of gold to add a sense of luxury to the occasion – gold-rimmed wine glasses, dainty gold jewellery and golden cake décor are just a few key examples.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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