by Claire Minnaar

marshmallow ideas

Whether it’s homemade marshmallows, mini puffs, coconut covered munchies or the typical pink and white ones that make your tastebuds quiver, you really can’t not love marshmallows! What’s more, with their unique mould-able and slice-able abilities, you can shape and chop them to really get creative – let’s demonstrate:

  • For the next kiddies’ party, use soft pillow marshmallows and a selection of sour jelly worms to make spiders, or thread marshmallows onto a long string to create a yummy worm.
  • Getting kids to eat fruit is as simple as “hiding” the pieces between marshmallows on a skewer. These make excellent lunch box fillers and are ideal for your next chocolate fondue.
  • Marshmallows aren’t just for munching – with a bag of these sweet treats and a handful of toothpicks, kids can build a variety of structures to enhance their imagination and motor skills.
  • Use melted marshmallow to bind pop corn or nuts when making scrumptious clusters.
  • When there’s just no time to whip up a batch of icing for the bake sale cupcakes, simply place a marshmallow on top of each cupcake while they’re still warm out the oven.
  • If the pink and white just doesn’t work for you, dip the store-bought marshmallows in food colouring or dip a toothpick in the colouring to draw interesting designs on the marshmallows.
  • Use these sweet treats as party décor – for instance, thread ’em onto fishing line and hang it from the ceiling or fill large jars with colourful ‘mallows for eye-catching statement pieces.
  • Smores are an old favourite that definitely need to be mentioned! Whip out a bag of marshmallows around the fire place and sandwich the molten delight between two biscuits.

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