Zoo Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

zoo party theme

If your little one’s first word was something like “cow” or “duck”, then a zoo themed party is definitely on the birthday calendar!


1 to 6

Colour Scheme

Natural green and brown will form the basis of the colour scheme, with bright animal colours as accents.

Décor & Goodies

Use plenty of animal prints, hay and bird feathers throughout the décor, and decorate the table with a variety of plastic animals that the kiddies can take home after the party. Apply animal silhouette vinyl stickers to the walls, use animal cut-outs to create interesting bunting and gather wooden “animal crates” for the kiddos to sit on. Animal paw prints are also a lovely element to play with in terms of décor and invitations.

Eats & Treats

The ever-famous Zoo Biscuits are a must for the treat table, as is “animal feed” like monkey nuts, berries, biltong bites, animal crackers and “pellets” which are really just Smarties. These days the shelves are also laden with creepy edibles like jelly snakes, speckled eggs and chocolate animal droppings, and the kids will go crazy for a Watering Hole serving their favourite juices and punch.

Fun & Games

While a visit to an actual zoo would be first prize, another excellent option is to hire an animal handler for the day to come and show off a variety of reptiles and furry critters. Over and above that, you can let each child make their own animal finger puppet or mask, or ask them to come dressed as their favourite creature. As with all kiddie parties, a face painting station is always a great success!

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