Neighbourhood Block Party Starters

by Claire Minnaar


It might feel as if winter’s only just begun, but at the rate the calendar months are slipping by, it won’t be long before it’s time to celebrate the arrival of spring. And what better way to get the festivities rolling than with a good ol’ neighbourhood block party? Here are some entertaining ideas to get the hood together and get this party started!

  • Create your very own bowling alley right there in the middle of the barricaded road. When it gets dark, line the “alley” with glow sticks.
  • Request that every household create a unique themed “photo booth” in the garden, complete with props and frames – then, go booth crawling with your family!
  • Old fashioned carnival games, or “boeresport” as we like to call it here in sunny SA, are all about three-legged races, egg-and-spoon runs and water balloon fights – what’s not to love?
  • Go the old school route with a picnic and board games evening under the stars.
  • Get all the arty farty folks on board and spread large pieces of paper all over the drive way or garage doors, upon which guests can then freely express themselves.
  • Host a moonlight bike parade where you all get together and explore the town on two wheels at midnight.
  • Rent a projector and set up an outdoor cinema in the garden. Neighbours are then encouraged to bring their own picnic blankets, deck chairs and cushions.
  • Have a neighbourhood pizza party – you supply the pizza bases, everyone else brings the toppings and drinks. Alternatively, have a hot chocolate party or DIY gourmet burger night.
  • Who doesn’t love the idea of a bonfire? Light the campfire in the backyard and ask guests to bring marshmallows and musical instruments.
  • Host a progressive / safari dinner, whereby the crowd moves from house to house to enjoy a multitude of mini courses in the respective gardens.
  • Opt for a very American outdoor barbeque feast, complete with lemonade stand, ribs, sloppy Joes and apple pie.
  • Summertime is of course watermelon time! Ask each family to bring a watermelon, and instruct the guests to wear old clothes. Chop up those fruity bad boys, munch to your heart’s content and end it off with a “watermelon smear attack”.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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