Breakfast at Tiffany’s { Party Theme }

by Claire Minnaar



It’s the movie of all movies and she’s the star of all stars – the one we look up to and the one we all wish we could be. For this stylish and sophisticated party theme, think all things 50s and glamorous to create the type of event where even Audrey Hepburn would’ve grovelled for an invite!

  • The key is to get your guests in the right frame of mind, to the point of speaking with the right accent and quoting lines from the golden oldies. Here are a couple of ideas for inviting a little 50s sparkle to your next big event:
  • The colour scheme for the party will primary consist of Tiffany blue (a shade that’s somewhere in between turquoise and mint), white, black and dabs of silver.
  • Pearls, elaborate white ostrich feathers and diamanté should feature everywhere – you’re your jewellery and accessories to the oh-so stylish table décor.
  • In terms of flowers, look for blossoms in the aforementioned colours that have a glamourous vintage character about them – for instance, peonies, roses, orchids and carnations.
  • Fill delicate cake stands with all sorts of dainty delights like macaroons, petit fours, scones and dark chocolate truffles.
  • Decorate the walls with oversize black and white prints of Audrey Hepburn and other iconic 50s stars, as well as quotes from the movie.
  • Serve a selection of delightful teas and, if you’re looking to spice things up, Tiffany blue cocktails and shooters.
  • Encourage guests to pin up their hair, bring out the oversized sunglasses and dress up in their finest 50s tea dresses. For the men, suggest English country suits and dapper waistcoats.

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