Pajama Party { Less ZZZZ, More YAY! }

by Claire Minnaar

pajama party ideas

Sleepovers are nothing new – last week the neighbour’s kiddo had one, this week it’s the best friend’s turn, and so it goes. Now the real question is: How do you go about making your child’s pajama party the talk of the schoolyard?

Let’s take a look at a couple of ideas for turning an everyday, or rather every-night sleepover, into something of an elaborate kiddie fest:

  • Decorate the room in with glittering stars, owl cut outs and shiny streamers, as well as glow-in-the-dark stickers as an extra surprise when they switch off the light.
  • Movies are a must and help to kill a bit of time if they’re planning on pulling an all-nighter, so be sure to have a wide selection for them to choose from.
  • Create a popcorn buffet where they can pick and choose colours, flavours and toppings, like a selection of sweets that can be mixed into the popcorn… And don’t forget the milk and cookies before bedtime!
  • If the budget is big enough, buy cute little blankets or pillows, that’s in tune with the theme colours, for each child to take home as a party favour.
  • If it’s a girly party, build up a collection of make-up and nail polishes for a girly beautifying session and make a variety of ribbon brooches with which they can decorate pajamas and slippers.
  • Boys on the other hand will love a midnight treasure hunt or a bonfire outside in the yard and, if they’re old enough, consider pitching a tent in the backyard for them to sleep in.
  • Turn the pajama party into a midnight dance fest! All you need is a small decorated dance floor and a good selection of current music on the laptop to keep them going.

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