Mirror, Mirror

by Claire Minnaar

…on the wall, on the table, on the ceiling and pretty much anywhere you can imagine. Mirrors are such a stunning way of brightening up just about any home. Whether it’s contemporary, vintage or rustic styled, the mirror is really the one element that will just never go out of fashion. You might need to rearrange, repaint or re-purpose it every once in a while, so let’s look at some inspired mirror ideas…

  • Instead of mounting your standing mirror on the wall or inside the closet door, mount it on the outside of a tall closet where you can see it.
  • Have an old mirror cut into squares and design a mirror mosaic wall, door or table.
  • Hang a number of mirrors in all shapes and sizes on a stretch of wall to create your very own statement wall.
  • Mirrors create the illusion of space so hang a large mirror in a small room to make it look bigger.
  • Use a mirror as a tray under your dinner table centre piece or coffee table decorations.
  • Create your very own vintage framed mirror. Simply buy a beautiful old photo frame from a second-hand shop, have a mirror cut the same size as the frame and simply attach the two.
  • Once you’ve made your own framed mirrors, consider hanging them on the wall along with normal photo frames to create an interesting
  • Create a mirror bubble installation using round  mirrors of different sizes. This is ideal for a kiddies room.
  • Whoever said you can only have one mirror in the bathroom? Hang a number of odds and end mirrors above the bathroom sink or next to the bathtub.
  • For a more simple and sophisticated look, arrange mirrors of similar size and shape in a row or square.
  • Make your own mirrored room divider using old shutters and rectangular mirrors. Simply replace the shutter panels with mirrors or, even easier, stick them on top.
  • For a more contemporary room divider, suspend mirrors from the ceiling, hanging them at different heights in order to, well, divide the room. (Note: Definitely not for mothers with small kiddies).
  • Create a breathtaking night-time lighting display by hanging strings of tiny mirrors and fairy lights on a curtain rod against a wall.

For more ideas on Mirrors for your Home or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Magical Mirrors Pinterest Board!

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