Cookie Monster Cupcakes

by Claire Minnaar


The Cookie Monster is almost as popular as the scrumptious cookies he so loves to consume. Whether you’re planning a full blown Sesame Street birthday party or just want to surprise the kiddos with cupcakes-with-a-furry-twist, these cute cuppies are quick and easy to whip up – no skill required!


  • 12 x cupcakes (ready-made or homemade – entirely up to you!)
  • 24 x white peppermints or soft mints
  • 6 x chocolate chip cookies
  • 500g icing sugar
  • 250g butter
  • Blue food colouring

Now let’s start decorating

  1. Cream the butter and icing sugar together until it forms a smooth paste.
  2. Add the food colouring little by little until you’ve achieved Cookie Monster blue.
  3. Scoop about 3 tablespoons of frosting into a separate bowl and add more blue food colouring to this separated batch to make extra dark blue icing (for the eyes).
  4. Frost the cupcakes with your blue icing – feel free to get creative by using a peak technique to create the “hair”.
  5. Now break each chocolate chip cookie into half “plant” it in the icing where Cookie Monster’s mouth should be.
  6. Decorate the cupcake further with white mints for the eyes.
  7. Finally, use a skewer or dotting tool to make the pupils using your dark-dark blue icing.

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