King of the Man Cave

by Claire Minnaar

In a predominantly female-decorated house, it’s important to give your husband his “man space” (to avoid the dreaded “man moods” which you’ve probably had your fair share of experience with). Man caves are generally pretty simple spaces – in other words, if you’re helping hubby to set up his cave, it’s important to keep yourself from over-decorating and adding too much of a woman’s touch.

With the right gigs-and-gadgets, a man cave can pretty much take shape wherever there’s room to spare around the house. Whether it be inside the house, out in the extra garage, in the basement or in an empty outhouse, these ideas will help you turn any room into the ultimate man-made man cave.

  • A man cave is best when it has a sort of rustic edge to it, so instead of paint opt for brick work, panelling or a white washed effect.
  • If he’s into fitness and sports, equip the room with a couple of weights and other essential gym equipment for his use alone.
  • Stock the room with any kind of vintage “man game” you can think of, such as chess, checkers, poker and any other game he used to play with his father as a young chap.
  • Make sure there’s a shelf or display cabinet where he can flaunt any collections, memorabilia or heirlooms he might have.
  • Place a recliner in the corner alongside a shelf packed with a number of good and timeless reads.
  • Alternatively, if he’s more of a movie buff, turn the room into a mini theatre complete with DVD shelf and comfy couch.
  • Instead of merely hanging a dart board on the wall, turn one wall of the man cave into a dart wall by covering it with press board and felt. Not only does this protect the paint against stray darts, hubby and his man friends can design their own games on the felt using chalk.
  • Decorate the cave with old vintage aeroplane prints or band posters and records.
  • Set up a mini bar area or, if he’s more of a mocha man, a luxury coffee station.
  • If your man is seriously into sports, paint one wall with black board paint where he can map out his game plans and strategies (and where you can scribble chore reminders, of course).

For more Man Cave Ideas or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Man Cave Ideas Pinterest board!

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