by Claire Minnaar


BrickLand is an idea that was born from an exhaustive search in South Africa to find innovative quality toy building bricks fully compatible with Lego® at an attractive selling price. We found plenty of compatible sets at tempting prices, but we were often left disappointed at the quality of the product- missing pieces, difficult instructions or poor fit seemed to be the rule rather than the exception.

Unsuccessful in our search, we combed the globe to find the ideal product to import, mindful that we would have to find something pretty special to convince brand-loyal South Africans to try something new. Our search led us to Korea, where we found the Oxford™ brand of building bricks. Oxford™ boasts innovative designs constructed to the highest quality standards, fully compatible with Lego®.

Oxford™ distinguishes itself as an affordable high quality alternative for all block enthusiasts. As a testament to the caliber of the product, Oxford™ was nominated as Disney’s® toy block supplier to Asia in 2004, a position they still enjoy today. Similarly, the Hello Kitty® brand is entrusted to Oxford™ for the local Korean market. Lastly Hasbro®, one of the world’s largest toy makers, has commissioned Oxford™ to manufacture their Kre-O® line of compatible sets. Clearly, Oxford™ is a brand that keeps good company! Oxford offers a compelling alternative and given its quality, very possibly the best Rand per brick value.

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