Top Reasons Moms Should Consider Fitchef

by Claire Minnaar


I was lying awake the other night thinking about my Fitchef series and why Moms should consider using the food from Fitchef. I have benefited quite a bit from having the Fitchef ready-made foods and while some might call me lazy for not cooking, it’s easy to say that when you aren’t in my shoes or other busy Moms shoes for that matter. So, think out of the box for a minute and look at what the reasons I have put together are. 🙂

Here are my TOP 10 REASONS to consider FitChef Meals for you:

  1. It’s convenient: Food gets delivered to your door. All you have to do is open your freezer and pack the goods away.
  2. It’s healthy and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  3. It’s more affordable than other ready-made meals from larger shopping brands.
  4. It helps with and promotes weight-loss (this was a bonus for me!)
  5. It introduces you to a new way of life and, ultimately, cooking that will benefit your entire family’s benefits.
  6. Time Saver: Making use of the Fitchef ready-made meals saves you time such as driving to and from the shop, doing the shopping, doing the cooking. Plus, you are able to focus more on yourself and your family.
  7. Support is excellent: if you have a question or need advice or support, you’re an email away and you do get a response and quite promptly for that matter.
  8. Quality and High Nutrient Foods: The food used for the meals are top quality foods and organic where possible.
  9. Educational: On their Facebook page and on their website, they share advice on exercise and eating and
  10. Variety: As someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking that much, when I do cook – there’s not much variety. You can rest assured that these meals give you variety as there are a number of meals to choose from.

The Question of Cost

One of the biggest factors that came to mind for me was budget and the cost of the food. Could I really pay for it on a monthly basis?

When I try and look at it all from both my perspective and other people’s perspectives, we all live very different lives. Some of us cook, some of us buy ready-made meals, some of us live on bread and some of us do whatever the hell we please when it comes to our meals. So, when I did consider cost and budget and Fitchef is something you want to consider, here’s what I came to mind:

  • Sit down and calculate how much you spend on take-out and fuel alone each month.
  • Calculate how much you spend on ready-made meals from other franchises per month and compare the costs of Fitchef meals with the company you buy your ready-made meals from.
  • Calculate what you could cut out financially for a month or 2 or whatever length of period you had in mind – I’m talking about maybe the buying of clothes, takeaway coffees, takeaways, home-ware, fashion accessories, etc – things you do tend to spend on each month.

Weigh up the factors above and if cost is a concern, then perhaps by doing the exercises above, you may realise or work out that you can actually afford to do it even if only for a month or 2 (or more).

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, head on over to their website and get cracking:

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Perri Grobler March 13, 2014 - 7:19 am

Wonderful! Many thanks and as always, such a great read 🙂


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