Fleecy Fun { DIY Bliss }

by Claire Minnaar


Fleece is a relatively easy material to work with especially since it doesn’t necessarily require a seam – simply cut and go! This soft-to-the-touch fabric is ideal for snuggly winter DIYs, so let’s look at a couple of quick ideas for using or even reusing a piece of warm wooly fleece:

  • Make your own slippers, winter booties or sleeping socks, using old insoles from an odd pair of shoes as your base.
  • In the same way, why not make fleecy gloves for kiddies who don’t like the feel of wool?
  • Turn a length of fleece into a blanket by simply seaming up the edges using a simple blanket stitch.
  • Make a fleecy infinity scarf by sewing the ends of a long length of fleece together to form an infinity loop.
  • Wrap a sponge or head of an old mop in a piece of fleece for a brand new dusting tool.
  • Turn an ordinary pair of gumboots into street savvy trotters by lining the boots with fleece and folding the fabric over the top so it peeks out.
  • Use squares of various colours and patterns to make a unique fleece quilt to brighten up any room.
  • Give an old scatter cushion a makeover with a brand new soft-touch fleece slipcover.
  • Snip a hole in the centre of an old fleece blanket and turn it into an instant DIY winter-friendly kiddies’ costume – from Batman to a happy ghost!
  • That hot water bottle feeling a bit warm to the touch? Make your own cuddle-friendly bottle cover out of fleece and a button or two.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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