Creative Coffee Nooks

by Claire Minnaar


You might not have time for coffee at your favourite coffee shop every morning, so why not bring the coffee shop to you? A coffee nook is a cute idea for tea and coffee lovers alike, giving you the opportunity to truly express your love for the hot stuff and enjoy your morning cuppa in a warm, homely ambiance. Here are a couple of ideas for zhoosing up your caffeine station:

Source an old chest of drawers from a local thrift store and give it a fresh coat of paint, turning it into an antique-chic coffee station. Coffee pods and teabags can then be stowed away in neat organised drawer compartments.

  • Collect a variety of old fashioned tea and coffee tins and use these to hold all your aromatic goodies – the end result being a coffee station with a stunning vintage feel.
  • Why hide your beautiful mugs in a cabinet when you can display them? Hooks are an excellent and practical way to keep mugs elevated and handy.
  • Convert an old bookshelf into a coffee nook and fill the shelves with a variety of wicker baskets and wooden crates for neat and concealed storage.
  • Alternatively, use large glass pots and cookie jars as storage – after all, it’s proven that see-through storage are likely to stay organised for longer.
  • Paint the wall area behind the coffee nook with blackboard paint so you can write down daily quotes, ideas and morning notes while enjoying your coffee.
  • Store cinnamon and cocoa in salt and pepper shakers to add a bit of colour to your cappuccino.
  • A coffee station is the ideal place to display things like antique teapots and, better yet, cupcake stands. In fact, you could even use the stand as additional storage space for teabags and sugar jars.
  • Add an organic feel to your nook with pretty succulents and other potted plants.

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