Crafty Crates

by Claire Minnaar

Seeing as we’re all in the eco-friendly frame of mind lately, it’s about time we take a look at one of the handiest recyclable elements on this side of the universe: Crates. You might already have a couple stacked up in the storeroom carrying laundry detergent or old college notes and hubby might be using his to store rusty screws in the garage, so dust them off and bring them inside because these days crates are meant to be seen.

  • Stack them on top of one another to create an interesting bookcase.
  • Use wooden crates as planters and start your own neat little herb garden.
  • Paint them funky colours and stack them on their sides in the kids’ room for extra storage.
  • Alternatively, build a doll house to house your little princess’ barbie collection.
  • Ask hubby to add supports, then stack them on top of one another and pop a cushion on top for extra seating.
  • Paint each crate with black board paint as an easy way to label and reuse them around the house.
  • Attach wheels to the base and a handle to the side, and slip them under the bed for easy storage.
  • Use vintage crates as handy little end tables around the house.
  • Nail them to the base of each crate to the wall, to be used as box frames and shelves.
  • The average crate is just big enough to hold books, so use it as a magazine rack or storybook shelf in the children’s room.
  • Instead of using crates for display purposes, use them to store away goodies on an open shelf.
  • Use a crate or two in the bathroom to hold towels and extra toilet paper.
  • Turn the crate on its side and add a little shelf in the middle to make your very own spice rack.

For more Crate ideas for your home plus the original photos above and their credits, please make sure to check out the Cool Crates Pinterest Board.


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