2014 Colour Forecast

by Claire Minnaar


Every year, Plascon gives us a mesmerising glimpse into the world of colour and a tantalising taste of the latest international trends. While this shouldn’t dictate how you decorate or furnish your home, it does give one a good idea of what’s considered “tasteful and stylish” in the grander scheme of things. Let’s take a quick glimpse at the 2014 forecast:

Urban Tribe


This trend is essentially based on patriotism and a nation’s sense of national pride. In 2014, the world is looking towards Africa and South America for inspiration which is why you’ll see plenty of vibrant bright colours, contrasting combinations and retro-contemporary patterns all around.

Calm Contrast


As you can probably imagine, this trend is mostly made up of pastels. However, what makes it so unique is the fact that the focus has now shifted from “feminine pastels” to more neutral combinations, with dark blue and copper accents. Geometrical shapes play a major role in creating the “calm contrast”, as do natural finishes and touches of modern romance.

Second Nature


This trend focuses on restoring the balance between man and nature. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve become more and more urbanised, living in small concrete spaces and blocking out the natural landscape. The palette is therefore made up of greens, blues and yellow accents, aimed at restoring our relationship with Mother Nature by inviting her inside.

Inner Space


This one’s for the dreamer and the deep thinker, as it ultimately focuses on creating a tranquil environment in an otherwise overwhelming world. The colour scheme draws its inspiration from the stars, the universe and the night sky to ultimately create a deep yet soothing combination of hues.

What about YOU?

My personal favourite is the Inner Space and second would be Ubvan Tribe. What’s your favourite? Would love to hear from you, so leave a comment with your favourite colour trend from the list above?

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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