Christmas Crowns { A New Take }

by Claire Minnaar


The festive season calls for a festive hat! But let’s face it – no one really wants to wear that cheesy plastic crown that comes in the Christmas cracker. This year, put a different spin on the festivities with one of these cheeky and stylish party crown alternatives:

  • Fresh or synthetic floral crowns for girls are a major hit at the moment, and will make a beautiful fashion statement.
  • Opt for an era themed party like the 1920s or 1950s, and choose your headgear accordingly – e.g. feathered hair bands, oversized bows, bowlers and top hats.
  • With kids around, fun animal ears should always be on the cards, for instance mouse, cat, rabbit and moose are ideal.
  • Instead of taking a step back from crowns, go the more extreme route with detailed prince and princess crowns or towering paper crowns.
  • For a guaranteed ice breaker, request that each guest arrive wearing a favourite hat or quirky head adornment of their own. The sheer variety and originality of it all will make for great laughs!
  • When the lights go down, you can’t go wrong with light-up headgear. Think glow in the dark head bands and those typical star lights bobbing around on springs.
  • Everyone loves minis, so consider surprising guests with miniature top hats, party hats or crowns.
  • Purchase a number of foamalite hats from a local wholesaler and have your guests decorate their own hats while you’re busy in the kitchen.
  • Traditional party hats can be quite stylish and tasteful, especially if made to match your colour scheme. Purchase paper from the local stationery shop and make your own, adorned with feathers, flowers and gemstones.

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