Boy, oh boy!

by Claire Minnaar

bedroom ideas for boys

When decorating and furnishing your little one’s room, always bear in mind the single most important purpose of a boy’s room: To keep little hands occupied and out of mischief! Which means his bedroom should be a fun, intriguing, practical, exciting, quirky and creative space where he can and wants to express himself.

  • Make it visually interesting. Instead of hiding away his toys, create plenty of display space around the room. With no place to hide, he’ll also be more obligated to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Girls have doll houses, boys have tree houses, so construct a little indoor tree house in the corner of his room with a ladder leading up to it.
  • Transform the top bunk of his bunk bed into a fort or the deck of a pirate ship.
  • Comfort is key when it comes to learning, so make sure he has a beanbag or cosy corner where he can study.
  • Instead of usual and boring ABCs and 123s, use wooden or perspex laser cut shapes for a 3D educational wall feature.
  • Change the theme every now and again to keep it interesting and age appropriate. Choose basic bedding and furniture so that it’s simply a matter of swapping toys and wall features.
  • Keep it practical. Remember that a boy’s room should be about having fun rather than conforming to style standards.
  • When it comes to paint selection, don’t stick to one colour: Use different shades and colours, paint lines, patterns, spots and dots, play with textures, stickers and decals and just go plain bananas.
  • Boys will be boys, so opt for night stands with rounded edges and sturdy furniture that won’t collapse if they decide to clamber on top of it.
  • Make sure the toy box you buy has hinges that stay open so the lid won’t slam shut on little fingers.
  • If possible, paint the bottom half of the wall in a darker colour that won’t show marks or gloss paint that can easily be wipes clean.

For more Bedroom Ideas for Boys, the original photos above and their credits, make sure check out our Boys Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Board!

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