Lego Solutions { Storage Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar

Lego storage ideas

It’s something that every mother has experienced at least once in her life – stepping on a rogue Lego block. Some might say it’s a sort of “rite of passage” for parents, but I say “let’s talk Lego storage ideas”. As one of the most universally owned toys in the world, every household most likely requires some form of Lego storage – and the trick is to make it easily accessible for kids, and fun to use.

Clearly marked plastic bins are one of my favourite storage solutions for a kids’ room, and they’re just as handy when it comes to storing Lego. In addition, you can teach your younger kids to identify shapes and colours by turning it into a sorting exercise, where each bin contains a different colour or size of block.

Another storage solution that’s been popping up everywhere is the drawstring play mat. This is essentially a blanket cut into a circular shape, with a string hemmed in all around the edge. Once playtime is over, simply pile all the blocks onto the blanket and pull the drawstring tight so that everything is contained in the “bag”.

Lastly, why not create a play area that also doubles as the storage area? I’m talking a wooden “drawer” that’s the size of a small mattress – so that it can slide under the bed! This innovative storage solution is easy to build with wood and four little wheels, and it’s even easier for kids to use – so no more middle of the night Lego foot injuries!

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