Barney Theme Party

by Claire Minnaar

barney party theme

Barney is every child’s friend so it stands to reason that, at one point in your little one’s childhood, Barney will have to be invited to the birthday party. Here are a couple of ways in which to bring him to life:


3 to 6

Colour Scheme

Purple and green, with splashes of blue for boys and pink for the girls.

Décor & Goodies

Aside from the Barney theme colours, the overall look and feel should be that of fun, creativity and spontaneity. Think massive “splashes” of paint on the walls and ceiling, large paper flower cut outs, balloons everywhere and quirky shaped bean bags all around the room. Barney masks are great party bag filler, not to mention bubbles and purple and green streamers.

Eats & Treats

Keeping in tune with the theme colours, opt for a green and purple treat table packed with jelly beans, lollipops and flavoured popcorn. These days the stores are packed with Barney themed goodies like cupcake premixes and cake pops, not to mention Barney themed birthday cakes, to further complement the theme.

Fun & Games

Have a look at old episodes of Barney and rehash some of the DIY projects he attempts with the kiddos. A face painting station is always a fun and interactive idea, plus a hair spray table to give them all the makings of a Barney. What’s more, Barney and Friends spend most of their days roaming around the garden, so work out a treasure hunt or obstacle course of some sorts to keep them on the go.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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