Themed Gift Jars

by Claire Minnaar


Glass jars are a major “thing” at the moment, and quite frankly – the bigger the better! A jar is really the perfect (and oh-so convenient) alternative to wrapping paper and the lucky receiver will find numerous uses for it once the contents is depleted.

While cookies are the general go-to jar-filling option, I know you can think further out of the box, or rather the jar! So here are a couple of themed jar ideas to inspire you:

  • For the baker: Fill the jar with a variety of baking goodies like cookie cutters, spatulas, cupcake holders, gourmet syrups and rainbow sprinkles. Alternatively, layer the dry ingredients of a brownie or cupcake recipe in the jar and add the printed recipe for a cute DIY premix gift.
  • For the master chef: There’s nothing more appealing than a jar full of interesting herbs, spices and essences, or mini kitchen aids like measuring spoons, a kitchen timer, spatula and oven mit.
  • For the gardener: Collect an assortment of plant seed packs plus mini gardening tools, cute planter sticks, gloves and a list of gardening tips.
  • For the seamstress: While she’s already got all the basics, no fabric lover will say “no” to an assortment of ribbons, lace offcuts, buttons, zips and cotton.
  • For the jewellery queen: She’s most likely already got all the ready-made jewellery she can handle, so create a DIY kit with instructions and a variety of beads ‘n things.
  • For the scrap-booker: Imagine a jar filled with pretty paper scraps, ribbons, tags, rhinestones, stickers, glitter pens and stamps – what’s not to love?
  • For the fashionista: This lady will just love a spa in a jar! Fill the jar with all kinds of bath salts, nail polish, coloured cotton balls, lip balm, body wash and sponges plus candles to light while going about her beauty regime.
  • For the party animal: Think pretty coloured straws, a mini bottle of tequila, bright lipstick, a fun party game, shot glasses, fresh cherries and little umbrellas.
  • For the tea/coffee lover: There is such a fantastic variety of teas and coffees on the market these days, you’re literally spoiled for choice. Add to that a cute set of teaspoons, flavoured syrups and a strainer, and you’ve got yourself a pretty cute gift!
  • For the whole family: Whether it’s saying “thanks for feeding my dogs over the holiday” or a “happy Easter” present, a themed jar is the ideal family-friendly gift option. Consider filling it with everything they need to make smores (i.e. marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate, candles, skewers, etc.) or have a movie night (i.e. a DVD, popcorn, cute sippy straws, etc.)

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