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by Claire Minnaar


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Momtrepreneur and Etsy are teaming up to inspire mothers to start their own business and open their own Etsy shop. For readers interested in opening a shop, Etsy is offering a special discount that allows you to open your shop with twenty products for free! To help you get started, please check our previous posts #ProjectNewYear or search for Etsy.



Author: Francesca Baldassarri is a web designer turned crafter and on her way to be a full time Etsy seller. She lives in Terni, Italy, where she crafts accessories for men; she travels up and down the boot organizing events for Etsy Italia, the team she leads.


In 2008, a friend and I opened an Etsy shop to sell our handmade necklaces and trinkets. We listed our items and waited for buyers to come, but no luck. Eventually, our listings expired and we decided to forget about our shop.

Two years later, a friend and successful Etsy seller suggested I open a new shop to sell my latest creations — handmade flowers. I was hesitant, given my previous experience, but decided to try again. The first thing I did was join an Etsy Team made up of Italy-based sellers. By joining a team, I was able to get the support and advice I needed to make my shop a success. Three years and many sales later, I believe this was the single best thing I could do for my shop.

Learn From Sellers on Your Team

As a new Etsy seller, I had a lot to learn: the ins-and-outs of using the site, product photography, marketing my shop and how to optimize listings so they’re found in Search. Joining an Etsy Team has made managing all this so much easier; the other Etsy sellers on my team are always there to answer my questions and share what they’ve learned.

Meet People Just Like You


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Working from home can be isolating for stay-at-home moms. When you join an Etsy Team, you can connect with moms who understand your lifestyle. Another mom can tell you how to best manage your time, support you in moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed and know what to say in order to keep you motivated with your shop. In short, teams and the Etsy community are great for your spirit – and your business.

Keep Up With Your Shop Goals

As a mom, there might be times when you can’t work on your Etsy shop. An Etsy Team can help you stay in the loop with the seller community; your teammates can share seller news and site updates, so you can continue to think about your shop. Because sometimes that’s all you have right? Time to think. So, while you’re busy being a mom, you can use what you learn from your teammates to plan marketing strategies and come up with new ideas for products. Teams keep you connected, so when you do have time to go back to your shop, you won’t feel like you’re starting from the beginning.

Joining a team is the best thing you can do for you and your business —so what are you waiting for? Join our #ProjectNewYear team, Mother’sFinest! Already joined a team? We’d love to hear about how their support has helped you.

Always wanted your own shop?

If you’re ready to open your shop right now, Etsy and Momtrepreneur are offering a promotion to give first time sellers a helping hand. Click on the link below to receive your first 20 shop listings free.

Open your Etsy shop today!

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