20 Things to Do this Summer

by Claire Minnaar


Looking for some fun ideas to do this summer! Then, look no further – here are 20 to give you a jump start to your summer activities!

  1. When the kids are out, make yourself an exotic umbrella drink and lounge by the pool or on the couch for an hour, doing absolutely nothing!
  2. Make your own ice cream or go on a family hunt for an ice cream flavour that you’ve never tried before.
  3. Pitch the tent in the backyard and make a bonfire (with smores!)
  4. Experiment with unique ice cubes, freezing anything from berries to fruit shapes in water or juice.
  5. Start a small veggie or herb garden with the kids, and go bug hunting whenever you can.
  6. Instead of fizzy drinks, make fresh iced tea! Check out the recipe here.
  7. Go fruit-picking with the whole famdamily – e.g. strawberry or cherry picking in the Paarl region.
  8. Make plenty of interesting jellies and iced lollies as a substitute for sugar-packed summer treats.
  9. Invite the friends over for a dinner party outside under the stars and, if you have a pool, go for a midnight swim.
  10. Experiment with interesting fresh fruit combinations that you’ve never tried before. – e.g. prosciutto wrapped melon, pear and beetroot, and so forth.
  11. Get creative with watermelon – serve wedges on popsicle sticks, hollow it out to make a melon fruit basket or make a melon punch bowl.
  12. Let the boys go fishing and have a DIY manicure or dress-up day with your
  13. Get a babysitter for the kiddies and go dancing, just you and the hubby!
  14. If you don’t have one, buy a fabulous sunhat or new pair of sunglasses and wear it everywhere – to the shops, on the beach and in the garden – and wear heels at least once a week.
  15. Sign up for something new – a yoga class, ballroom lessons, mosaic, art lessons or a book club, to name but a few.
  16. Create a playlist with all your favourite summer hits of years past, and play it in the car whenever you pick up the kids or run errands.
  17. Initiate a water pistol fight with your hubby and kids, and light sparklers every so often.
  18. Paint your nails a bright colour that you wouldn’t normally dare to wear.
  19. Schedule a craft day with the kids – make musical instruments, paper jewellery, bug boxes, you name it!
  20. Make time for a picnic, whether it be in the garden, on the beach, in a tree, at the park or on the porch.

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