In the Pipeline { DIY ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


After than handy man has been around, there’s always the odd piece of left-over pipe that hubby wants to chuck. But why waste when you can turn this simple element into an innovative educational toy or décor element?

  • Cut the pipe in half, down the length, and plant little herbs inside! You can even take it a step further by attaching heavy duty chord to the ends and suspending the planter from a tree, wall or ceiling.
  • Alternatively, plant the seedlings inside the pipe (to protect them while they’re young) and drill small holes in the plastic for the plants to creep through once their strong enough.
  • Use PVC pipes to build a mini soccer net or tent structure for your kiddies, or cut the pipe into sections which they can decorate and use as ten pin bowling pegs.
  • Cover one end of the pipe section with a piece of wood, turning it into a handy pencil holder or general purpose container.
  • Pipes make the ideal tunnels for miniature toy cars, so allow the kids to build a whole road and tunnel system in the sand for hours of fun!
  • Turn the pipes into telescopes, make-believe telephones or “mouth guns” with which the little ones can shoot soft balls or marshmallows by blowing into the pipe.
  • Build an interesting shaped structure out of the pipes and drill small holes into the sides. Then, connect it to a hose to create an unusual fun-in-the-sun sprinkler system.
  • Sections of pipe along with the L-bend pipe connecters can be an excellent educational toy with which little ones can build structures and enhance their motoring skills.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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