Pet Food Storage Ideas { Clever Disguises }

by Claire Minnaar


We’re always talking about our “human” children! Today, we look at our “animal” children which we feel also need some attention this week!

Pet food is hardly one of the most glamorous or slightly elements to have in one’s pantry or kitchen. However with a touch of ingenuity and creativity, kibbles, chunks and birdseed can be beautifully concealed to blend in with your décor and environment:

  • Turn a laundry hamper (which matches your décor) into a large doggie kibble storage container.
  • If you’re a proud pet owner, you might not even necessarily want to hide your pet’s food store. For instance, consider displaying the kitten chunks in a gorgeous glass vase or oversized Mason jar on the kitchen shelf.
  • Place dogs’ food bowls in a low-sitting drawer, out of sight until the pups’ dinnertime, when you simply pull out the drawer and feed them their kibble.
  • Recycle an old paint can by lining it with a burlap bag and giving it a fresh coat of paint to match your kitchen or pantry.
  • Buy a cheap garbage bin (one of those with the foot pedal, if possible) and store the dogs’ food inside – easily accessible.
  • Invest in mini wine barrels and use lettering stencils to decorate the bins and distinguish between the various pets’ food.
  • Place the cats’ and birds’ food in recycled (and beautifully decorated) fabric softener bottles for easy pouring. While we’re on the subject, you can also reuse the handy scoops that come with your washing powder for scooping food into the bowls.
  • Paint the pet food container with blackboard paint and use chalk to write the pet’s name and food quantities on it.

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