Ready to Roll { Paper Roll Crafts }

by Claire Minnaar


An empty toilet roll is one of those things that you throw away week after week, and each time you probably pause for a second thinking, “surely there’s something I can do with you?” Well, hold that thought and hang on to your roll because there’s a whole stack of ways in which this simple disposable piece of cardboard can be reinvented:

  • Get the kids in tow and build a rocket or castle out of toilet paper rolls which the little ones can then populate with miniature plastic army men.
  • Cover the base of the roll with a piece of cardboard and fill it with candy, crayons or even soil and a little plant.
  • Make a toilet roll telescope by either sticking three toilet rolls together or using an empty kitchen towel roll and decorating it.
  • Use the roll as a “body” to make all sorts of animals and creatures like butterflies, bunnies, worms, penguins, bees and so forth.
  • Cut each roll into sections and turn it into serviette rings which the kids can decorate with glitter and bling.
  • Use decorated toilet rolls to keep your rolled up cables neat and tidy, and easy to store.
  • Pack the rolls tightly in a shoebox and use these little “partitions” to store anything from pens and beads to jewellery and odd bits.
  • Toilet rolls fit perfectly around little ones’ arms which make them ideal for DIY superhero cuffs or decorated princess bracelets.
  • Cover the toilet roll in peanut butter or honey and roll it in birdseeds for a lovely biodegradable birdfeeder that you can hang in the tree outside.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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