Drive-In Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

drive-in party theme

Oh boy, remember the glory days when a Saturday night on the town meant chilling at the drive-in? While you’ve probably told your kids endless stories about it, nothing can truly explain what the real experience is like… so let them experience it for themselves!

What makes this theme so brilliant is that it can really be customised to suit any age group – from tots to teens – by simply changing the choice of movie and snacks. Here are a couple of ways in which to recreate the drive-in it for your tween’s next birthday party:

  • Rent a projector to play the movie on the outside wall of the house or on the garage door, if it’s smooth enough, and pull up the car for the kids to sit in.
  • Alternatively, if the kids are smaller, let each one build their very own little car for an indoor drive-in, using cardboard boxes and pillows.
  • Serve proper drive-in treats like hotdogs, fries, popcorn, skittles, candyfloss, milkshakes in take-away cups and so forth – all wrapped in personalised disposable containers and wrapping.
  • Another fantastic snack alternative is to theme it according to whichever movie it is that the kids will be watching – e.g. jungle snacks for Madagascar.
  • Instead of normal party packs, buy large plastic popcorn containers at your local R5-shop and fill it with movie munchies.
  • To keep the lot on the go, have set breather breaks every once in a while and set up movie-themed games and puzzles for them to play around with.
  • See if you can find the real drive-in trays that hook to the car window, or customise plastic trays with your tween’s name and birth date.

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