Must Have “On the Go Snacks” for Moms

by Claire Minnaar


If you’re anything like me, you regularly find yourself having just packed the kids and all their paraphernalia into the car, strapped yourself in and turned the car on when one of the kids in the backseat says “Mom, I’m hungry!” If this scenario isn’t familiar to you, then count yourself lucky, but trust me – it will happen at some point or another – it may not be when you’ve just climbed into the car, but may happen when on your way somewhere or when you’re out at the park. And, when it does, you should…actually, let me rephrase…you WANT to be prepared!

So, here’s how you become prepared for easy on the go snacks for holidays, trips out or those spur of the moment hunger pangs!

First off, I highly recommend purchasing airtight containers – 1 or 2 large ones and a few small ones – you generally can buy these in bulk at most shopping stores, plastic shops or Crazy Store. These containers are essential for keepings snacks fresh and ensuring you don’t waste.

Pack the following longer shelf life snacks into the small containers mentioned above:

  • Biltong and / or Droewors – this is a favourite!
  • Cracker bread – great replacement for bread and you get both wheat free and wheat ones and it helps fill tummies.
  • Savoury biscuits such as Provitas, Tuc, Ryevita, Crackers, etc
  • Dried fruit or Fruit Sticks / strips
  • Nuts and / or Seeds e.g. almonds, pumpkin seeds (so good for them!)
  • Min rice cakes
  • Popcorn – great source of fibre and kids love it!
  • Pretzels

For more fresh snacks, I suggest the following to be packed and ideally stored in a cooler bag:

  • Carrot / Cucumber sticks
  • Fruit your kids like such as apples, bananas, naartjies, berries
  • Boiled eggs
  • Muffins – try make a batch using a small muffin pan, so they fit nicely into the containers
  • Blocks of Parmalat cheese – you can purchase these in store or cut out strips of cheese as and when you need them
  • Parmalat Yoghurts
  • Vegetable chips
  • Milk


  • Unless you purchased a large number of containers, you will have snacks left over. Store packs of snacks in the large containers so they stay crunchy and fresh and are ready to be whipped out to fill the smaller containers when needed.
  • Make sure to keep a small packet in the car for crumbs, fruit peels or other “throw aways” after the snacks have been devoured.
  • Keep an eye on when your main meal will be served before serving snacks. Rather serve less or monitor your child’s eating to avoid them filling up on snacks.
  • Pre-pack when you can – ideally Sunday evenings or when doing your children’s lunchboxes – this will ensure you always have snacks available for later in the day or for coming the days.
  • If keen on giving a sweet snack, opt for a non-sugar sweet like Caring Candies.

Bought to you by Parmalat Growth Milk 3+

Original article can be found on Parenting 24

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