Mosaic Crafts

by Claire Minnaar


Getting the kids involved in mosaic sounds far more challenging and intimidating than it really is. Because mosaic is really a step-and-repeat art form, it requires nothing more than a simple element that can be repeated and arranged in any pretty shape or pattern.

While you could go as far as to book a professional mosaic class at the local arts centre, a little splash of creativity can turn even the most common household bits and bobs into a mosaic masterpiece. Here are some examples of elements that you can use:

  • A variety of big and small coins, like old 2-cent and 5-cent pieces that are practically worthless these days.
  • Paper off-cuts – these are ideal for simpler paper-mâché mosaic projects.
  • Pasta shapes of all colours and varieties.
  • Letters and small pictures out of a magazine.
  • Mirror off-cuts – just make sure that they’re polished around the edges to avoid injury.
  • Mini mosaic tiles, available at most craft and stationery stores.
  • Old teacup shards – once again, ensure that the edges are smoothed with a file.
  • Ribbon off-cuts and fabric scraps.
  • Dried flower petals, seeds, pods and pressed leaves from the garden.
  • Flattened glass marbles and an assortment of beads and crystals.
  • Shells, washed up pieces of glass (that are naturally smooth) and polished river stones.
  • Scraps of old ornate wallpaper.

If you’re attempting to make a décor piece for the home, be sure to invest in a good quality mosaic glue and varnish to make it last.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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