Understand your Financial Wellness and WIN with Multiply

by Claire Minnaar


I was recently invited by Multiply, the wellness and rewards programme offered by Momentum to take part in Momentum’s online financial wellness assessment tool. I was intrigued about what it could tell me that I didn’t know and ultimately how I could save money with my existing monthly expenses, especially when it comes to policies I currently have in place for my future and my family & home.

Registering and completing the assessment on Momentum’s website was really straight forward and in no time I had a profile setup and ready to do my first assessment. Now, if you anything like me – when you complete any sort of questionnaire online you can easily get annoyed if the process is ….well…challenging.

This is definitely not the case when using Momentum’s Financial Wellness Assessment Tool. You immediately get told how many questions you need to answer and as you respond to the questions, there are clear buttons allowing you to easily amend answers if need be.  From start to finish, it took me under 5 minutes to get my score and results.

As an example, the first assessment I completed was for Medical Aid, for which I scored 73%. The report showed me what the average was for a person of my age, employment status and family size (84%). This indicated that there was definitely room for improvement on my existing policy as anything below 80% indicates a “problem”.

The report gives you clear pointers on how to improve your score and it is handy that if you are not already a Multiply member, you can easily request a consultant to contact you from the same dashboard you completed your assessment on, and you’ll earn Multiply points for doing so

As an added bonus, existing Multiply members can earn points for registering on Momentum’s website, and for updating their profile and contact details. Multiply members can also earn up to 10,000 points for completing the online surveys, and bonus points are given for completing all eight questionnaires.

What I like:

You do NOT have to BE a Multiply member to assess your financial wellness. Anyone can do the assessment and gain from it.

Already by doing the assessment, there are definite changes I will be making to some of my existing policies. [ note to financial advisor: look out, I’m coming! ]

What’s more, because the advice given from the assessment is specific, I know what questions to ask my broker.

This really is a no-brainer for me as I love tools that can add value with little effort. This is one of those tools.

Here’s my Score



More Information

Want to give it a try? Then head over to the link below and you may find yourself on your way to reducing your monthly expenses when you identify where you can save on your “financial wellness” fees:

Once registered, click on the link below to get your Financial Wellness Assessment tool like I did:

  • https://www.momentum.co.za/connected/you/my-financial-wellness/MyScore


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