22Seven has helped me! Find out how?

by Claire Minnaar


I mentioned 22Seven towards the end of last year where I spoke about Moms and Budgeting and how we can focus on our spending and, ultimately, start sticking within a budget or becoming more aware of where our money is going. By understanding our money and where it’s going, we can start looking at ways to save and perhaps put money aside for a holidays or towards something that helps our money grow.

In this day and age, things have become increasingly expensive. I look a one grocery bag and can’t believe the cost of food. Then, we have to consider bank fees, fuel costs, school fees and so on.

I have been using 22Seven for a few months now and I cannot recommend it enough. My husband, who is a partner in my business, uses it every single day (and started using it before I even knew about it).

The convenience of the system and the information at hand (from your PC, phone, IPAD) makes it so easily accessible and you really have no reason to worry about remembering multiple logins for your bank account(s) PLUS if you are a part of LOYALTY SYSTEMS out there, you can track those too.

Here are things that 22Seven has helped me with and how it can help you too:

  • The obvious one – monitoring WHERE your money is going!
  • History of transactions – I have had to pay the banks numerous times to go back in time to look up a transaction. Anything past 3 months, I have to pay for. If you use 22Seven, it’s there and waiting to be found – no charge, no admin.
  • Exporting of transactions – it can be done quickly and easily via their Transactions page. I can then import it into my accounting system (for business).
  • Taking the guesswork out of VAT. If you’re a VAT registered company, you, generally, have to pay VAT to the receiver monthly or every second month. Without being constantly aware of your spending and monies received, you don’t really know how much you’re going to be expected to pay when your VAT is due. Making use of the “SPLIT” functionality in the system, I can split each payment I received / spent into VAT TO PAY / VAT RECEIVED category (or a category I create for this purpose (and I can record my VAT and be able to check it so I know how much money I need available for VAT with the various reporting facilities available to me.
  • Helps with spending FREE MONEY! FREE MONEY….pffft – what’s that!? Yes, sounds crazy, but many of us take part in loyalty systems and we don’t make use of them like we should or can. Loyalty system accrue a form of money (not necessarily physical money that we can see in our bank accounts or touch), but it’s a form of money that can be utilised towards reducing our costs when purchasing items we need. Anything that can bring our daily / monthly spend down helps budgets and 22Seven helps you track your loyalty systems so that you can be creative and spend “safely” and not forget!
  • Staying organised! I am a busy person and I’m not just saying that. I have a lot going on, even on a quiet day and thinking about looking at how much money is in the account, going through my accounts seeing what’s happening, preparing for VAT, knowing what extra cash is available to me all takes time. Because I have multiple accounts with business and personal, I can see all money situations in one place (LOVE THIS!), don’t have to worry about the multiple logins of my bank accounts. I really have no excuse to not know what’s going on when it comes to money anymore. No more guesswork, simply ONE login, and voila! All transactions in once place, all bank balances in one place, all loyalty info available….could I really ask for much more?
  • Assisting you find some peace of mind – knowing you’re OK financially or knowing that you’re not, but why you’re not and what you need to do to improve your situation is power.
  • Getting support easily – the support team is excellent and helpful. You don’t have to be a tech guru at all to use the system because they have helping hands just for you.
  • It’s a free service!

If you have not yet signed up for this service, DO IT – today! I promise you, it will save you money somewhere along the way. And, as I always say …… KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Being in control of your money and having the knowledge of where your money is going or coming from, makes it so much more powerful.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE & SIGN UP – you won’t be sorry!

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