Less Whining, More Wine { Teacher Labels }

by Claire Minnaar


Boy oh boy, if ever there was a person who could do with a good glass of wine, it’s a teacher! If you’re wondering what to get your child’s teacher this year, then you simply cannot go wrong with a bottle of good quality wine.

If you’re nervous that it might come across as impersonal, stop right there, worry-wart. There are endless ways to personalise a bottle of wine, starting with the label. Nowadays most printing shops and even the odd wine farm can help you to create an awesome label that can say whatever you want it to say. Remember to ask your child’s opinion on the label, since it is their teacher after all!

Another option is to replace the existing wine label with a chalkboard label – I mean, how much more “teacher-appropriate” can you get? You can then write a little mom-to-teacher on the bottle, or ask your little one to scribble something sweet on the label. Chalkboard labels are available at most craft and stationery shops, and the addition of such a label instantly turns the bottle into a “keepsake” that Miss Teacher will want to reuse.

When it comes to removing an existing label from a bottle of wine, there are many ways to skin a cat. Once you’ve peeled off most of the paper, soak it in warm water to get the rest of the label off. Don’t worry about any glue residue – that can easily be removed with nail polish remover or, believe it or not, bug spray!

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