The Jolly Jelly Bean

by Claire Minnaar

fun jelly bean ideas

Jelly beans automatically add a dash of fun and colour to any event or party! When it comes to kids parties especially, there are so many unique ways in which to bring these sweet treats to the table – here are some colourful examples:

  • Use a needle and fishing line to make jelly bean bracelets and necklaces for your little girl’s birthday party.
  • Make jelly bean jellies by simply placing the beans at the bottom of a shot glass and filling it with jelly.
  • Fill tall glass jars and vases with colourful jelly beans and place them around the room – ideal as decoration and for kids to nibble on.
  • Decorate the birthday cake with jelly beans – whether you make colourful patterns or cover the entire cake in jelly beans is up to you!
  • Alternatively, make a hole in the centre of the cake and fill it with beans before sticking the two halves together with icing – just imagine your little one’s delight when the cake is cut and jelly beans come pouring out!
  • As a surprise treat, fill ice cream cones with jelly beans before topping it with ice cream or placing the cone upside down on top of a cupcake.
  • Play to the kiddies’ imagination by filling mini jars or bags with jelly beans and labelling it as “magic beans” and “happy pills” for adults.
  • To add to the fun and games, fill a big bowl with cake flour and hide jelly beans inside, which the kids have to dig out with their mouths as a penalty.

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