The Benefits of Tutoring

by Claire Minnaar


My kids are still young and don’t even know what the word “exam” means, but when I think back to my school days and the thought of exams, I get shivers down my spine. Particularly in those last 2 years when the pressure is on to get good marks so you can get into a good college / university.

I remember being in Matric and my parents refused to let me go down to a Standard Grade on any of my subjects – the one subject I REALLY wanted to drop down to Standard Grade on was Maths.

Maths was a subject I had a love-hate relationship with. Days I managed to get things right, I loved it! But, there were many days I loathed it because I just didn’t get the logic in some of it. I had endless conversations with my parents about letting me go to Standard Grade Maths and they just were not having it.

In Matric, I had about 20 to 30 kids in my class – a teacher isn’t able to give one-on-one attention in such a big class and I wasn’t one to ask a lot of questions – I was way too shy. So, I kept quiet and I struggled in silence. I remember at the time that we were doing the same Maths as we did in Standard 9 (these days Grade 11) and I completely sucked at it already and now I was learning more Maths on top of the previous year’s Maths!

My parents couldn’t help me with Maths – my Dad was an Accountant, but he didn’t necessarily remember Pythagoras rules and how to do geometry, nor did he have the time during the day to teach me – he had to work!

So, after one too many conversations (and tears on my part), my Mom found me a tutor who lived very close by to us and twice a week, I went for Math tutoring with a lovely lady and without it, I don’t think I would have done as well as I did in Matric.

This tutor helped me pass my Matric Maths and I will always be grateful for her help. She was patient and kind and, thankfully, knew what the hell was going on when I didn’t and was able to explain things to me I just couldn’t understand. I could ask her anything and didn’t need to worry that some other person in the class thought I was “stupid”. She prepped me for one of the biggest exams of my life and I came out the other side way better than I would have had I not been seeing her.

Fast forward 20 years and there are companies now, such as Penguin Tutoring, who have dedicated resources to help your child or children get the extra help they need to pass important exams.

Top 5 Benefits of a Tutor

  1. They prep you for your exams (some of which are the most important exams of your school career) and they know what YOU are going to get tasked with in your exam, so can prep you accordingly.
  2. They assist you in reaching your potential.
  3. They reduce stress by preparing you in every aspect of your upcoming exam(s) from hints and techniques in a particular subject through to your sleeping, breathing and even nutrition leading up to and on the day.
  4. They create a safe environment where you can ask questions (silly or not) with no chance of being embarrassed because you don’t know something or feeling pressured amongst peers.
  5. They provide one-on-one attention – something you don’t get in classrooms.

About Penguin Tutoring

Penguin Tutoring is the leading and only national provider of specialist academic tutors. Their professional and personal management and extensive tutor database will ensure that children get everything they need out of their extra lessons.

All tutors are carefully selected, character screened and trained, offering parents the best quality in home tuition for their child. They cater for the exact needs of your child and tailor a tutoring solution to help you invest inexpensively in your child’s future.

To summarise….

If you have a child who is battling at school or struggling with a particular subject or is in one of those all-important grades i.e. Grade 9 and Grade 11 – then, check out the Penguin Tutoring website to see how they can assist your child reach his / her potential and help him / her feel more confident in a subject they need a little extra help with.


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