Parenting and Expenses

by Claire Minnaar

Having time off during the festive season with the kids is and will always be a rewarding experience. But it is now January all over again, time to recalculate all the expenses we spoilt our kids with. Luckily, King Price is out to solve these problems for us.

New Year means buying new appliances, and most importantly, school books, uniform and sports equipment that may need to be insured. As well as making new adjustments for motor expenses. We all have our little plan for the next three month or so:

  • Phone insurance companies and make sure items listed under our insurance are valid and at correct amounts (almost done with this! Yay!)
  • Monitor my spending more closely usingĀ 22Seven
  • Walk more, drive less šŸ™‚


Starting off the year smartly will definitely reap the rewards in the coming months. Head over to King Price and see the super cheap insurance quotes that would benefit you in the long run.




This post was brought to you by King Price

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