Back to School { Get Organised! }

by Claire Minnaar


In some respects, back-to-school time is a happy time of year – the kids’ productivity gets a much needed boost and world order is restored. However it can also be quite a chaotic season for the working mom, getting the kids back into routine and getting yourself into the swing of things. Here are a couple of tips to organise their (and your) lives:

  • Stick a magnet on the back of seven washing pegs and write the days of the week on each of them. These can then go onto the fridge, holding to-do lists and teacher’s notes that need attention on each individual day.
  • Hang a hook with each child’s name or initials on it by the front door, and get them into the habit of hooking their backpacks onto it the night before – packed and ready to go.
  • In the same way, have each child decorate a clothes hanger which for their school uniform – having all the bits and bobs on one hanger the night before will reduce morning madness.
  • Organise their lunchboxes by having a weekly plan in place to eliminate the extra worry of what to pack – for instance, Monday is health roll and yogurt day, while Tuesday is all about crackers and fruit skewers.
  • Use the compartments in a shoe storage hanger as a handy organiser for notes, stationery, socks and other what-nots.
  • When it comes to book coverings, choose a different coloured gift wrap for your child’s respective subjects to help him/her stay organised.
  • Let younger children label everything in their rooms – not just for the sake of organising, but to boost their spelling and grammar.
  • Paint one wall in each child’s bedroom with blackboard paint – what they use it for is really up to them, from drawing up to-do lists to practicing their math.
  • Keep your kiddies motivated by choosing a daily or weekly quote for the family to live by which can be displayed on the fridge or popped into their lunchboxes.

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