Top Tips to Getting Things Done

by Claire Minnaar


I’m a procrastinator of note when I want to be and when I do find myself close to having to deliver or have something done that I have been avoiding, I start stressing and can get my knickers completely in a knot!

However, I decided this year there won’t be any New Year resolutions this year, but I would try and complete everything I can and avoid procrastinating. In order to do this, I had to look at what I need to do in order to NOT procrastinate and get things done.

Here are the things that are helping me so far this year with PROCRASTINATION AVOIDING:

  • DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, JUST DO IT! Let’s take exercise for example. The more you think about doing it, the more likely you will find the excuses NOT to do it, right? You know what I’m talking about!!! So, don’t think about it – when a reminder pops up, an alarms goes off or you get to that to do item on your list – JUST DO IT!
  • BE DECISIVE AND MAKE DECISIONS NOW! There’s nothing better than waiting to make a decision to create more reason to not do something or follow through. Unless you have a REALLY good reason to not make a decision on the spot, make the decision and get on with it. You’re a big girl, you can make decisions, so do it!
  • CONSIDER THE NEGATIVES IF YOU DON’T DO THE TASK! If you are procrastinating, consider the implications or the negative impact surrounding the choice to not do a particular task. For example: you don’t complete a client job = you can’t invoice = affects your cash flow, etc.
  • WRITE IT DOWN! I know that when I’m not particular interested in something or I’m busy with something else, I will forget. To Do lists are a MUST for time management!! Writing your tasks down on your daily to do list will help you make sure you get things done because quite honestly, I hate seeing the same thing on my to do list every single day, so I get the stuff done!
  • IDENTIFY & DEAL WITH IT! Why are you avoiding doing this task? Once you know why – thank yourself for delaying the process and get on with it! It’s not going to sort itself out after all!
  • AVOID DISRUPTIONS! Turn off the TV, close Facebook, Twitter and any other distractions – this will help you get closer to completion. I know as a Mom this can be difficult with kids around, but try and make sure to attempt getting things done when kids are either entertained, at school or sleeping. 🙂
  • REWARDS YOURSELF WHEN YOU COMPLETE IT! That’s right! When you complete that daunting or crappy task that you have been totally avoiding – reward yourself with something you feel is suitable!


Always deal with the worst task first in the morning – commonly referred to as “Eat the Frog” – it will leave you feeling lighter and off to an awesome start in the morning!

Do you have another tip to helping others get things done? If so, please leave a comment below – I would love to hear from you.

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