Keep Our Car Clean { Storage Solutions }

by Claire Minnaar

As moms we go to great lengths to ensure that the house is always spic ‘n span, and it usually comes down to finding good and innovative storage solutions. Well, this same principle can be applied to keep the car so neat and tidy, that you’ll never have to make excuses for not lifting your best friend or mother-in-law again.

For starters, let’s talk shoe hangers. You know the ones I’m talking about – those organisers you usually hang in your cupboard or on the back of the bedroom door. Fact is, they’re not just handy in the house but also in the car. Suspend it from the back of the car seat, and use it to organise car snacks, toys, wet wipes and the like. You could also use a shower caddy or remote control holder – whichever best fits your car’s interior.

A bin in the car is almost essential, and when you’re driving around with kids the mini bin that’s built into every car simply isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I like to keep a few extra plastic bags on hand, usually tucked away in an empty tissue box. Alternatively, you could slide a cereal box between the seat and the car door, provided that it can sit low enough that it won’t fall out.

One of my personal pet peeves is a dirty cup holder, and you’d better believe that it’s one of the first areas to get dirty and one of the toughest to keep clean. A nifty way to keep it organised is to slot a silicone cupcake cup into each cup holder, which is easily removable and even easier to clean. I also love the idea of clipping essentials like emergency numbers and the like to your sun visor with a bulldog clip.

Any other ideas you can think of? Comment below!

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