Tips for Looking Tip-Top in No Time

by Claire Minnaar


Motherhood doesn’t leave much time for relaxation and me-time – much less the hours you used to spend prepping and primping in front of the mirror before the kids were around. While you’ll never escape the madness that is motherhood, there are a couple of simple tricks you can use to look close to your best – or presentable, at best:

  • Plan ahead. Instead of running around trying to pull together a decent outfit in the morning, set out your threads the night before after the kids have settled in for the night.
  • Get up before the little ones to enjoy some scheduled “me-time” so you can focus on yourself and be ready when the little ones begin to stir.
  • Put extra effort into caring for your skin. Having glowing skin means you hardly have to wear any make-up, saving you time in the mornings.
  • BB Cream or tinted moisturiser is an excellent low-maintenance solution to the whole make-up do. For the rest of it, keep it simple with mascara and a lick of lip-gloss.
  • Involve the kids in your beauty routine, whether it’s baby-proofing your bedroom so baby can crawl around or encouraging the girls to play with your jewellery while you do your hair.
  • Keep everything you need to get ready in one place – the bathroom being the best. You can also try simple hacks like brushing teeth in the shower and using a moisturising shower gel so you can skip the lotion.
  • Get a tag-team system going with your husband where he takes care of breakfast while you prep yourself for the day ahead, and vice versa.
  • Go for regular haircuts – if your hair is in a healthy state, you won’t have to spend much time styling and treating it in the mornings.
  • Learn to care less. As long as you look and smell fresh and – more importantly – your children are well looked after, you’re winning!

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